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The world is filled with messengers bearing good news. But the world has no desire to believe, or even listen to this good news. The culprit is something called "pride factor."

One of these messengers is 14-year-old Melody Rouge. But her desire to tell the message, and her heart to change the world, get her in over her head in more ways than one...

Yet throughout her adventure, the One from Whom the message comes always goes with her, directing her towards His will...


The otherwise peaceful morning of 14-year-old Melody Rouge's first day of summer vacation is interrupted when her little sister Cynthia invites her to go with her to a local rock concert, but not to enjoy the music. Cynthia suspects that foul play is afoot and needs Melody to help investigate. Little do they know how deep the plot goes that they uncover and the trouble that they and their friends and family get into...


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